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S2022 April I created fundraising for those who were affected by floods in KwaZulu Natal Pietermaritzburg.

I raised in total $3000, thanks to everyone who donated. The fundraising was open for three months, but my family was struck by an unexpected loss, loosing our dear sister in June 02/2022, may she continue to rest.

I was devastated and I had to pause everything and focus on burial preparations. Travelling in between and all the stress I had to endure during that time.

The plan was to help fix roofs for those who were affected, but the money was not enough, so I decided to help school children who lost their school uniforms and a school supplies during floods. I was in contact with one of the teachers in Durban but because of poor communication there was no moving forward, she never get back to me.

I have been holding the money since than, plus there was some few other things that needed to be fixed concerning that money and facebook.

After a year of grief and health scares now I have resumed helping the kids in need. Myself and my niece have started distributing school supplies to school with children in need.

We have started helping students from Fezokuhle Primary school by buying winter sweaters and socks. The school principal and Mr Sandile Mtaa have received the items and they are working on doing a formal distribution to those in need.

We will be visiting more schools in KZN and provide school uniforms to those in need.

I would like to thank all those who donated, from the bottom of my heart I truly appreciate and I’m grateful to be able to help those in need. Videos and pictures will follow when they are ready. Thanks again



We also support children in South Africa to remain in school by providing school necessities and food. We work together with school teachers from different schools. They give us lists of student in need and we send money. They buy  the school supply and send us receipts, pictures and videos. Once a year we go visit those kids and do follow up. 


Our plan is to travel and  be able to help more kids because we believe that by helping children we are creating safe world with great leaders our future leaders. 

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

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