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Help us bring more international bands

Abande Live Music concert is a non government funded  project, all funds to keep the event alive comes from the team. 

 From working double shifts and side hustling thats how we make the event.


We pleading to those who love music and those who believe in our work to lend a helping hand. From plane tickets to accommodation, artists per diem, salary and transportation, your help will be highly appreciated. 

In return we will promote your business, you will receive free concert tickets and meals if provided. You will be on our VIP guests list.

’Thanks in advanced 



We also support children in South Africa to remain in school by providing school necessities and food. We work together with school teachers from different schools. They give us lists of student in need and we send money. They buy  the school supply and send us receipts, pictures and videos. Once a year we go visit those kids and do follow up. 


Our plan is to travel and  be able to help more kids because we believe that by helping children we are creating safe world with great leaders our future leaders. 

Thanks for submitting! We’ll send you a price quote soon.

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