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Offline copy: Abande Live Music Concert

This blog is for helping me and those who are planning to do events in future.

Our very first time event was a stepping stone, and I am truly grateful to the team that jumped in to help. Without you I don't know what I would have done.

Thanks to all the volonteers for taking their time to make sure that the event runs smoothly. This was just the beginning, and I promise to deliver even better projects in future.

I've always thought organizing an event was just as easy as organizing birthday parties. It was all fun and easy at the beginning until I had to put all thoughts into action. Sleepless nights while working my eight hour job at the same time was the hardest.

Three days before the event I wanted to disappear and come back when everything is over, but I am a person who believes in finishing what I have started, because finishing things you start has a significant impact on your traits.

What I've learnt about event organizing is how important to have active team members. Organizing an event is not about how much money you have, actually money on its own is not enough. It is the action, the research, and constant clear communication amongst the team members, marketing strategies and promotion.

Six major things to do when planning an event


Choose the right people, make sure they are in the same page as you, they have the same passion, and they are going to be active members. You don't want to work with people that makes you feel like you are forcing them, people who don't respond or who don't do tasks that has been allocated to them.

There is nothing so frustrating as working with people who lacks communication skills and who don't pay attention to details.

Create budget

Put aside event budget, track your spending, keep receipts.

Find talent

Contact artists that present your event, be clear on what you need from your artists. Draft contracts or have an agreement between each other. Be clear about your budget and what you want for your event.

It is mandetory for the organizer to provide accommodation, transportation and food for the artists. Organizers should provide contact details for emergencies and enquires to the artists.

Find Venue

What I've learnt about finding a venue is, do a research first before you decide. Be in charge of the venue booking unless you have an active trusted member who will take charge and who will share all the and information

Have all venue information before the event starts, make sure you have the access, have contact details for people incharge and all your credentials must be ready and visible.

Apply for permits, licenses and insurance

No matter how big or small your event is, make sure you have all the right permits and licenses to avoid any issues.

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and promotion plays a crucial role on the event success. You could have planned the most exciting event but if nobody knows about it, it will all be for zero benefit.

Creating marketing strategies and promoting your product is what makes your event unique and successful. It can be very expensive to do event promotions and sometimes numbers can lie, especially social media numbers of likes, share and comments.

Just because you have lots of followers that doesn't mean they will come to your event. There are many ways to promote your event, that's where active team members can help with promotion.

Your Idea, your vision

Organizing event is like gambling, either you win or you lose. It is about the love, passion, determination and goal. There will be failure and eventually you will win.

Accepting constructive criticism helps us to grow. Attending other organizers events helps us become better. Don't compete, stick to your plan and enjoy.

By Jabulile Dladla

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